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Logan Square Neighbors for Justice and Peace is commited to ending the war in Iraq. The costs of the war keep mounting. Click below and see how it effects your state and your community. Take an active role in ending this tragedy. You are paying for it!


From "The Nation"

After a bombing in Baghdad

Defining Progress in Iraq

As Gen. David Petraeus buys time until September to measure the effectiveness of the troop surge, Katrina vanden Heuvel considers the human consequences of a failed strategy.







Turn Up the Heat on Congress!

Peace activists are surging on Washington DC -- to bear witness as Congress again takes up Iraq War funding and the Pentagon budget, and continues to hold hearings on civil liberties, torture, and more. Click here for the latest legislative information.

UFPJ hopes you will get the word out: There is plenty to do in Washington, and a steady flow of people into the nation's capital will have a tremendous impact in the coming months. UFPJ endorses these efforts, and encourages other creative actions and projects, both in DC and around the country. (If you are organizing an action, please post it on our events calendar.)




Chicago Area Peace Groups